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You want to make your website more attractive? We are glad to present you colorful interactive maps


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We accept all major payment methods including credit cards and bank transfers. All payments are made in USD. You will not receive your products or services until the payment has been received successfully. If you purchase using Paypal, the money is usually transferred immediately, meaning we can ship you your products sooner than by bank/wire-transfer.


Since our company offers non-tangible irrevocable digital goods we do not issue refunds for our products. By making a purchase on our site, you are confirming that you understand and agree to these terms. If there is an error with the product that renders it useless or leads to inability to use it for its designed purpose we will of course consider offering a refund.


You are permitted to use PowerPoint templates for your own purposes, or for the purposes of your company. You must provide a way to prevent third parties from receiving the template in a way other than non-editable way like in jpg, png image formats or as a printed image. You can use templates both on your home and office computers.

Our PowerPoint maps are best with...

  • Customer support
  • Regional sales presentation
  • Competitor insight
  • Pointing out regional strategies
  • Distributor network
  • Local stores geography
  • External work scheduling

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What our clients say

  • Maps4PowerPoint was one of my best findings in 2011. I used to draw maps for my presentations myself or hire a designer each time, but that was costly or time consuming (or both). Now I can put any U.S. map I need - a whole map or a county-focused one - into PowerPoint presentations in a minute. Thank you!

    Max Gerber, Texas
  • At first I was skeptical about how well a third-party map will blend into the specific layout of our company's presentation. Turned out I was too cautious. All worked fine, the map installs easy, and embedding it into a PowerPoint presentation was no issue either. Great product, thank you.

    Harold Plummer, Arizona
  • I was looking for a nice USA map for my PowerPoint presentations that would also be simple to use as I had problems with that in the past. Well, I might be not the smartest person on Earth, but anyway I didn't want to spend time on it. So I tried your Maps4PowerPoint and guess what? It worked perfectly! A classy and easy to use map, just what I've been looking for...

    Jennifer Sanchez, California

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